Roby can be your
Keeping your team informed, educated and engaged is essential for any successful company. However, staying on top of multiple communication channels, scattered knowledge resources, and manual processes is a huge challenge, especially in fast-paced & high-growth organizations. Whether youโ€™re in HR, IT, or Operations, you are more than likely dividing your time between a wide range of demands requiring your attention.

Knowledge management and ticket submission through Microsoft Teams channels, email or direct message without modifying your IT infrastructure. With Roby, your team will be able to share information, report issues and solve problems without leaving the communication platform they are most comfortable with. Not only does it make the process intuitive for the employees, but Roby is able to learn from the historical QAs to reduce repetitive tasks.
Key Features:
  • Allow employees to submit tickets through Microsoft Teams Channel, email & direct messages.
  • Auto-reply to repetitive questions.
  • Automatically sync up with ticketing management tools.
  • Straightforward analytics that provide actual insights .