Roby can be your
Personal Assistant
Without a dedicated ticketing management tool, it can be nearly impossible for small teams to manage their company’s operational and administrative needs. Often the responsibilities are delegated to one or more employees who hardly have enough time in the day for their actual job. Let’s face it, no one wants to deal with the hassle and expense of implementing yet another productivity tool that may never even be used.

Whether it’s FAQs, onboarding assistance or support tickets - Roby gives your team 24/7 support so you can spend time on the things that help companies grow. With Roby, employees won’t have to use tools they aren’t familiar with. Anyone on your team can review, assign, prioritize, and resolve requests without ever leaving Slack. Plus, Roby provides straightforward analytics to track how efficiently you and your team are performing.
Key Features:
  • Consolidate requests from different channels to a centralized location.
  • Review, assign and resolve requests quickly without ever leaving your preferred platform.
  • Intuitive interface and insightful analytics without the hassle and expense of traditional ticketing/project management tools.
How to build Roby as your Personal Assistant: