Reduce inefficiency and increase engagement

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💬 Turn any message into a ticket

Transform any message into a trackable support ticket through channels or by DM’ing Roby directly. Assign due dates and priority levels to help your team run more efficiently.

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🌎 Omni-channel support

Track and respond to tickets no matter where they come from— Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, and more—and resolve them efficiently with automation.

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🤝 Never leave your conversation

No need to duplicate effort. Bring in multiple teams (like HR, IT, and Facilities) to delegate and review tickets without leaving your conversation or logging into another portal. Stay up to date on existing requests and reply directly from Slack.

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🤖 FAQs and automated responses

Get automated answers to repetitive questions when and where you need them with powerful AI that learns over time and create a custom FAQ page that can be accessed instantly in Slack.

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👀 Reporting and insights

View ticket history, manage admin settings, pre-set FAQs and gain actionable insights from the Roby’s online portal.

Let's Get Started


Add Roby to your slack workspace, If you need a little help, you can find information here


Create public channels like #support, #new-hires or #facilities for employees to submit their requests. If you already have dedicated channels in place, simply add Roby to start managing incoming requests.


Now that you are up and running, make a public announcement in #general to introduce Roby to your team! (Bonus: add our custom emojis/gifs to drive even more engagement and fun!)


Login to your admin portal anytime to gain insightful information from employees and a more complete understanding of your team’s performance.

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